The Relationship Between Science and Art

The visual depiction of natural forms has been utilised in an educative and explanatory manner for centuries, particularly through medical drawings and photograms. In recent years, this ‘supporting role’ of art in science has come to involve a number of things. Beyond the democratisation and demystification of complex scientific concepts, art has come to deal […]

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The Argument Against Linear Art History

In the Hegelian perspective, art reflects the spirit of the times. Linear art history is a history of styles in which this zeitgeist is expressed, which follow each other chronologically. French philosopher and art historian Georges Didi-Huberman questions the traditional view of anachronism and art history, from which the term ‘displaced resemblance’ emerged. In his opinion, […]

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Debates in Art History (part 2): ARCHITECTURE

Architectural history and heritage has been influenced by various aesthetic, artistic, economic and financial negotiations regarding the urban fabric. The construction of monuments entail the dichotomous practice of petrifying memory and destroying (or re-constructing) what existed before, as pertinently stated by Professor van Eck, ‘the monuments shape history, it is not history that shape the […]

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Debates in Art History (part 1): THE SUBLIME

Definitions of the term ‘sublime’ has undergone a multitude of fluctuations and scholarly influences since the Greek work Perì hýpsous, attributed to Cassius Longinus sometime in the 1st-3rd century AD. Through the study of the origins, meanings and various uses of the term sublime since Longinus, it is thought that its contemporary interpretation, in relation […]

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PONDERING OUR FUTURE – Nostalgia as a Method of Display

As explored in the exhibition HUMAN +: The Future of Our Species, 2015-16. Pondering Our Future – Nostalgia as a Method of Display As explored in the exhibition HUMAN +: The Future of Our Species, 2015-16 Exhibitions like HUMAN + that intend to shed light upon the complications that arise in the face of human […]

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This particular essay is quite special to me. It marks the moment that I truly fell in love with modern art and abstraction. Important to notice here is that at the time I wrote this (during the second year of my undergraduate degree), I had no idea that the female artist Hilma af Klint (1862 – […]



“Mind-map” exercise I did ala James Elkins’ ‘Stories of Art’ (which, by the way is an absolutely fantastic and fun read – highly recommended!). This maze is the conceptualisation of my trajectory learning about and encountering art from kindergarten through Master degree. More than just a mapping of histories and the shaping of my particular […]

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