Untitled by Khammee, Acrylic on Canvas, 2015 

Inspired by nature – grottos, glaciers and the cosmic – the rural Thai-come-Norwegian artist makes her debut with the culmination of her three-year series Alternative Visions. Chronicling the past decades of her adjustment to Northern life and nature, her abstract pieces reflect the jarring yet entrancing visions of experiencing and adjusting to unknown places.

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Being born to a life in deep rural Thailand, Khammee has had an extraordinary life. Starting out on the rice fields of her family’s farmland in the late 60s, early 70s, she had little means and spent most of her early years traversing between the busy, confusing streets of Bangkok as a child, working in factories to contribute a living to her family. As a child, she came across a book on Norse culture and mythology – it whisked her away from an often difficult reality and transported her to visions of another. Though this vision never manifested in her mind for the next decade, her dream would come to fruition through a series of inexplicable events in her later years. What she came to know, however, is that life is not always what you would hope it to be, and her Northern reality came to be one wrought in perplexing, bittersweet and inevitable pain.

Khammee’s art takes you on the same journey – chaotic, startling and confusing, yet irrevocably beautiful and inevitably interlaced with the same strength, curiosity and vision of its conceiver.