Curation, Exhibition-Making and the Construction of Perspective

Main image: Installation view of ‘International Congress of African Culture’, 1962, a pan-African exhibition at the Rhodes National Gallery, Salisbury, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), which set a precedent for ‘Magiciens de la terre’, the Pompidou Centre, Paris, 1989, an exhibition frequently featured in my research. Courtesy: National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare In the past few years, […]

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The Relationship Between Science and Art

The visual depiction of natural forms have been utilised in an educative and explanatory manner for centuries, particularly through medical drawings and photograms. In recent years, this ‘supporting role’ of art in science has come to involve a number of things. Indeed, it seems to me that in the context of rapid technological advancements, there […]

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Debates in Art History (part 2): ARCHITECTURE

Architectural history and heritage has been influenced by various aesthetic, artistic, economic and financial negotiations regarding the urban fabric. The construction of monuments entail the dichotomous practice of petrifying memory and destroying (or re-constructing) what existed before. As pertinently stated by Professor Caroline van Eck, ‘the monuments shape history, it is not history that shape […]

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Debates in Art History (part 1): THE SUBLIME

Definitions of the term ‘sublime’ has undergone a multitude of fluctuations and scholarly influences since the Greek work Perì hýpsous, attributed to Cassius Longinus sometime in the 1st-3rd century AD. Through the study of the origins, meanings and various uses of the term sublime since Longinus, it is thought that its contemporary interpretation, in relation […]

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PONDERING OUR FUTURE – Nostalgia as a Method of Display

As explored in the exhibition HUMAN +: The Future of Our Species, 2015-16. Pondering Our Future – Nostalgia as a Method of Display As explored in the exhibition HUMAN +: The Future of Our Species, 2015-16 Exhibitions like HUMAN + that intend to shed light upon the complications that arise in the face of human […]

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“Mind-map” exercise I did ala James Elkins’ ‘Stories of Art’ (which, by the way is an absolutely fantastic and fun read – highly recommended!). This maze is the conceptualisation of my trajectory learning about and encountering art from kindergarten through Master degree. More than just a mapping of histories and the shaping of my particular […]

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“The Slave Ship” and the ghosts that reside

This particular write-up was a favourite of mine last year. This is the result of a few musings regarding Turner’s controversial depiction of the slave trade and how poetry or other forms of art can highlight certain historical and epistemological shortcomings. The topic drove home how history is written and re-written with a lacklustre examination […]

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Alternative Visions – Contemporary Art From Thailand to Norway

Untitled by Khammee, Acrylic on Canvas, 2015  Inspired by nature – grottos, glaciers and the cosmic – the rural Thai-come-Norwegian artist makes her debut with the culmination of her three-year series Alternative Visions. Chronicling the past decades of her adjustment to Northern life and nature, her abstract pieces reflect the jarring yet entrancing visions of experiencing […]

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Focus Beijing in the Boijmans van Beuningen

Fang Lijun – Untitled Focus Beijing exhibition – Boijmans van Beuningen museum // Collected by an enigmatic Dutch duo, ‘Focus Beijing’ is an exhibition showcasing the evolution of Chinese art created over the past fifteen years in the capital. Amassed through an engaging project by the collectors Henk and Victoria De Heus-Zomer, their visits to the […]

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